About Us

About Us

We, DM Kokokusha Co.,Ltd. design business models and build partnerships optimized for each client. In all projects, the way of proceeding and the team structure differ depending on the issues and requests of clients.
If you are looking for the new countries that have business opportunities, for example "Which country has the best business opportunities?" " "How to expansion your business in overseas? “but no one can solve your questions. So our service starts from doing local market research and providing exhibitions lists which match your business and if your are interested we also apply and manage your booth with our professional local staffs.  


To start expanding business in overseas, there are many barriers in a variety of areas, such as transporting samples (products) and building reliable partnerships, as well as issues between companies such as differences in languages and business culture.

We, DM Kokokusha Co., Ltd. would like to present GLOBAL ATTENDANT , a service that solves all barriers in one stop. The full support through consistent corporate communication with the aim of solving strategic issues such as increasing corporate value and sales in Japan and overseas. We will do our best for you.